Rays of Colours Festival

BROTHERHOOD and the SPIC MACAY in collaboration with UNITED NATIONS INDIA and UNESCO are organizing an art and cultural festival – Rays of Colours (ROC) Festival - to showcase the talents of artists with disabilities in the setting of a festival in Mumbai during November/December 2019. The EMIRATES WALKS FOR AUTISM, Dubai, UAE has agreed to promote ROC Festival internationally. Newzhook will be e-media partner.
The activities will be designed and developed under the guidance of renowned exponents both from government and non-governmental organizations.
The ROC Festival will travel to UAE, African countries and other part of globe as well.


A world that truly embraces diversity is one where the rights, dignity, and well-being of individuals are realized regardless of differences in race, faith, gender – or ability. People living with disabilities often surprise us with their abilities, with what they can rather than what they cannot; but not many tell their stories.

How does one react to a person putting a thread into a needle with the help of their feet or painting on a canvas with their mouth? Wonder, amazement, celebration, seeing it as a miracle, or what have you – the reaction is very important in understanding disability and its everyday manifestation in our lives.

Art and culture have a deep-rooted healing effect in each of our’s lives. There is propounding need to create a platform for persons with disabilities to showcase their talents to breakthrough into the mainstream. The need of the hour is to:

• empower the person with different disabilities together to get in culturally connected to the rest of the world
• provide a platform in the settings of festival to persons with disabilities to perform beyond their disabilities and become a part and parcel to represent the culture of India in and outside the country

The art and cultural festivals are being organized in many countries like Art and Disability Festival, UK and True Colours Festival, recently held at Singapore, but in India no such festival organized on regular basis to showcase the talents of children and adults with different disabilities together.

This will be a never-before experience, a unique multi-media concert that will feature the inherent talents of performing artistes with disabilities from India and South-Asian countries. What will captivate you will be the scale - a larger than life event on a big stage that will mesmerise all and make the performers feel proud of their abilities.

The ROC Festival is rather a process of processes to:

• ensure cultural rights of persons with disabilities, as per UNCRPD, the RPD Act and the National Trust Act

• ensure their access to cultural and artistic activities

• ensure learning is up to par with mainstream artists

• develop the capacity for creative expression in persons with disabilities, adding miles to their sense of personal identity and pride and

• create professional artists with disabilities aimed at creating opportunities of livelihood through art and cultural festivals within the country and through exchange programme outside the countries


The persons with disabilities have no dearth of inherent talent which is yet to be duly noticed, encouraged and promoted either because of insensitivity, lack of awareness and information among the members of society. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to organise such a festival in the capital of the country to showcase the diverse art and cultural activities performed by persons with disabilities from different parts of India and from South-Asian countries.


Organizers will

1. identify individuals/groups with disability already trained/taking training/willing to train in any of the Indian Performing Arts, Indian Classical Dances, Indian Semi-Classical Dances, Regional Dances, Music of India like Hindustani Classical Music, Carnatic Classical Music, Regional Music, Musical Instruments, Theatre Forms of India (refer ‘activities’) suitable to train persons with various disabilities

2. identify mentors/teachers/experts trained to train the persons with disabilities in various arts and cultural activities along with existing teachers

3. facilitate / encourage the active participation of PWDs in arts and cultural activities

4. identify, collaborate and promote the institutions Government and/or Non-Government at national, state, regional and / or local level imparting training on the above activities and communication skills

5. develop a website for the festival
International Partner organisations will identify children and youth with disabilities from their respective countries and will provide them training in various cultural activities from the recognized experts in the respective cultural activities.

Modalities about the programme

• The full concert will be about 120 minutes long

• The concert during inauguration and final day will be extended slightly due to opening and closing speeches respectively

• The concert programme for all three days will be the same

• Measures will be taken to ensure that the sound levels and lights are as sensory-friendly as possible

• There will be Sign Language interpretation and captioning at the concert

• Special seating arrangements will be made so that wheelchair-users can enjoy the concert in their own wheelchairs and be as close as possible with family and friends

• Rest room will be available

• Onsite first aid and medical assistance areas will be provided

• Accessible (wheelchair-friendly) porta-loos will be available within short walking distance of the indoor arena


Exhibition of various art activities by artists with disabilities will be displayed outside the venue

We Care Film Festival on disability issues

Two days film festival on disability issues will be organized which can be held in temporary arrangement outside the venue or at the NDMC Convention Centre or any other suitable venue.

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